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Surfacing mem’ries

Reflections on the stream of life

As we pass along

All the moments of our life, however we like or don’t like them, become memories. We cannot hold on to them as much as we can hardly hold on to anything in life. Life is not a thing, it is more than anything else an experience, or better expressed, a string of experiences.

So, is all we get from life just memories? Does everything only appear to disappear?

But, maybe there is more: The experiences we go through they make us and change us to be what we are today, hopefully something better than we were yesterday. No, experiences don’t disappear, they are only somewhere else … in time.

I assume the best we can do is enjoy the moment day-by-day, and if we can, help someone else enjoy it, too.


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In your solitude

Learn who you are; become one

With the one inside

Might sound rather cryptic, doesn’t it? Let’s see: Some people believe there is a true self and a momentary self; maybe a bit like what we should be and what we have become in the course of life and all the different influences from our upbringing and society, culture and so.

Christian belief tells us we are made in the image of God and that the kingdom of God is within us. So the person we should be, which reflects the godly characteristics must be already there, we just have to discover and reveal it.

In solitude, alone with oneself, (or alone with God), all outside influences fall away and we can discover ourselves. And become someone we like to be and want to be like.

Still too cryptic? Let me make it simpler: Find your own way, find your own happiness.



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I trust my ship

To take me cross the torrid sea

Where love awaits ashore

Funny thing about love: Seems like everyone tries to find the ‘great’ love or at least somebody, who loves them. I am not saying this is wrong. It’s a great blessing to have someone to love, who returns that love as well. It can also be quite catastrophic when things go wrong. (At least that is how people feel about it.)

However, it seems to me that life is designed not necessarily to find a great love, though that can be part of it, but rather to become love. To want to love, not only want to be loved.

As a Christian I would say, not only to find Jesus, but to become like Jesus.

And who knows, by trying to be love, maybe love will find you.


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Lights up in the sky

Awesomely painting the night

We become silent

We could look at all the problems and despair. Or we could look beyond the problems and realize how awesomely this world is fashioned. Awesomely and barely understood. Like the Aurora borealis and the Aurora australensis.

And seeing these amazing lights, there is a chance that our problems and the problems of the world look a little smaller then. Small enough to maybe find solutions.

Step back a while and simply observe the beauty and power we see in nature. Or look to yourself, the beauty and power with which you are made.

Focus on the light, the beauty, the solutions and it will empower you.


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As the evening falls

And you contemplate your day

The morning is born

Time flows continuously. It’s only for us that there are separations in it. Years, months, weeks, and days.

We also live continuously. Our expectations precede the actual events and some go so far as to tell us they actually create them.

In any case, it is not wrong to take time and think about what has happened and to anticipate what might come. Just don’t be too sure of it, stay flexible, stay open. Out of yesterday tomorrow arises; out of the dark the light breaks through; out of turmoil peace ascends.



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Believe things as if

They are though they are not – yet

Faith creates future



Some people believe that our life is the inevitable product of what has happened to us and what will happen will not be much different than what lies behind us. They have resigned themselves to be somewhat a victim of their fate.

Other people have faith. They believe anything can happen, that the future can take them where they want to go, that tomorrow can be different from all their yesterdays. That the defeats they suffered in life don’t predestine their life still to come. That all the good things they dreamed of can still become true.

In the end it’s you who determines what your life will be. The past you can’t change, but you can still create your future.


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couple feet


Lost in a moment

Carried away by feelings

Found in the flow of life


One could argue that feelings are what make us human. Computers imitate and surpass human thoughts. But people haven’t made any robot that we would trust to have true feelings. Feelings can bring us happiness, but some feelings can also make us sad, insecure, or even hateful. Some people suppress their feelings, others follow every fleeting emotion blindly, only to find themselves in hot water

It is said that feelings can be like a compass. We should trust our intuition and discern our feelings, just as we should discern thoughts. Not every thought is true, not every feeling is true. But those feelings that are not just aroused by temporary fleeting excitement, those feelings, which resonate deeply in us and are true to our heart, can lead us to be more of what we are and bring us closer to others and in harmony with life, with the universe, and with God.

Maybe it’s time to trust your feelings.


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A new day arrives

What will it bring us today?


Every day gives us many opportunities to do things. We can choose from an almost unlimited plethora of things to do. We can learn something new, we can go somewhere we’ve never gone before. We can make new friends, or make up with someone, who used to be a friend. We can eat a new meal, cook something different, read a book, watch a new movie, plant some flowers or vegetables.

We can think new thoughts, or pray or meditate about our life. Or maybe we should simply relax and ‘tank up’.

It’s true, we can’t always do, what we want; but if we want to do something, we can.



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morning haze

Morning haze hides the sun

Soon the bright light of the day

Brings us clarity

It’s written “Now we see through a glass darkly…”. It was written at a time, when window glass, or any glass, was rather murky and  not that clear transparent product that we call glass today. In fact, technology has so advanced our ability to see beyond our imaginations, it’s simply amazing.

Yet, still, when it comes to our life, we often don’t see clearly. We often don’t know which way to go, what the right decisions are, or sometimes don’t even know what we really want. It’s like we’re walking in a haze.

But wait! There is an ally that can help us: Time. With time often things get clearer. And if we let the light shine into our lives like the sun climbing into the sky it will clear the fog and the haze and soon we’ll see clearly.



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No Time


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No Time


No time at all

In the silence between the seconds

We can talk with the stars


How often we hear people saying, “I have no time!” For this or for that or no time for you.

How wrong: Time is all we got. How we use it is what matters. What is important to us? What do we use time for?

Some  people build a career, some a life, some seemingly waste it. Take stocks at the end of your road, nothing is wasted. You’ve learned, you experienced it.

Some clocks have a second hand which makes a little ‘tic’ every time it moves. Tic-tic-tic- it’s ticking away our lives almost in a heartbeat. And what fills up the seconds? Busyness? Fun? Idleness?

Some people talk to the stars in the silent moments.



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