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Darkness closing in

Believe in the light to come

And become the light

This was triggered following the story of some young teenagers getting trapped in a cave, but of course this is a metaphor. We cannot literally become light and live.

However, people have always thought  of our consciousness, our faith, and love being a light in an often dark world. Being in darkness, for a time, makes you aware of many things, mostly of what is inside of you. Would take me a life time to write about that.

Only to say this: Don’t fear the darkness. And don’t fear what’s inside of you. Bring it to the light. Maybe this is enlightenment.



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Child’s Play


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A child is playing

Talking to itself- by play

Creating its world

A child doesn’t make a difference between work and play. All activities are investigation, observation, and experimentation; and the child’s interest in all this is to get the elusive quality of fun from it.

Adult life gets compartmentalized. This I do for money. That I do for fun. And another thing I do to impress. My peers. my parents, or a person that I feel special about. It becomes complicated and at times people wish they could be a child once again.

You can’t go back in time, but you can wake up the inner child, the one that was so interested in the world and what was going on around you. Just investigate, observe, and experiment without an agenda of: This I do because …

Become simple again for a while. Become as a child…


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The wind is blowing

It is blowing day and night

Are you sleeping ?

The wind is always blowing, sometimes as a light movement of air, hardly discernible, sometimes as a storm that cannot be ignored. It has no substance, only to be seen by what it does.

In scripture and other places it has been used as a parable or metaphor for spirit, an unseen force or forces  behind or inside the world we can see, hear, or touch. Though some argue there is no spirit.

You could also say there is no such thing as a wind, but still we feel it and its effect, and sometimes we can even hear it.

Fact is though, most of the time we are so into what we consider “our world”. the world we see, hear, and touch, we don’t pay any attention to the wind.

Until the storm comes.


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A plant growing up

All life is growing upwards

It is marvelous

This. like most Haiku or creative writing. is of course metaphor or parable. Besides some worms and similar creatures. who seek the dark, most life, especially plants, grow by reaching for the light, for the sky. They’ll never reach it, but it makes them stretch it makes them grow, as long as there gets nothing in the way.

Sometimes there are obstacles to overcome, sometimes there are things that we need to get out of the way. But reach we must if we want to grow. Plants also grow downwards, but that part is mostly invisible, just as the growth in depth in our character is not easily visible. But it shows when storms and rains come. When the storms of life try to uproot us.

Let’s keep growing, let us not settle for stunted growth and half light. Reach for the light.















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When we have Birthdays

We should remember the gift

Not circumstances

With gifts I don’t mean birthday presents. The gift here is the gift of life. It’s a great thing to be alive and we should never lose our gratitude for it. And part of showing our gratitude is that we try to make the best of our lives and also use our lives to be of help to others.

Some people are not happy. They are not happy about the circumstances into which they were born, and in fact some people were born and grow up in really difficult situations. But how much does it help to complain about it? And honestly, who was born into a perfect life? What looks to us an easy life, might not be so easy and desirable at closer inspection.

So let’s be thankful for what we have and count our blessings, the good things in our lives.



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Looking at shadows

It can lead us to the light

Glorious morning

Looking at shadows we can find the light. It’s easy. Finding our way, finding out what is right or right for us, it is not always easy. Who can say he/or she never made a poor choice?

Sometimes making a wrong choice can help us making a better choice later. Sometimes finding out what doesn’t work, helps us to look for and find what does work. Life is trial and error, and we are supposed to become wiser, or smarter.

Shadows make us appreciate the light. Dark times help us enjoy the good times and not take it for granted. Going through the night makes daybreak even more glorious.


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Surfacing mem’ries

Reflections on the stream of life

As we pass along

All the moments of our life, however we like or don’t like them, become memories. We cannot hold on to them as much as we can hardly hold on to anything in life. Life is not a thing, it is more than anything else an experience, or better expressed, a string of experiences.

So, is all we get from life just memories? Does everything only appear to disappear?

But, maybe there is more: The experiences we go through they make us and change us to be what we are today, hopefully something better than we were yesterday. No, experiences don’t disappear, they are only somewhere else … in time.

I assume the best we can do is enjoy the moment day-by-day, and if we can, help someone else enjoy it, too.


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In your solitude

Learn who you are; become one

With the one inside

Might sound rather cryptic, doesn’t it? Let’s see: Some people believe there is a true self and a momentary self; maybe a bit like what we should be and what we have become in the course of life and all the different influences from our upbringing and society, culture and so.

Christian belief tells us we are made in the image of God and that the kingdom of God is within us. So the person we should be, which reflects the godly characteristics must be already there, we just have to discover and reveal it.

In solitude, alone with oneself, (or alone with God), all outside influences fall away and we can discover ourselves. And become someone we like to be and want to be like.

Still too cryptic? Let me make it simpler: Find your own way, find your own happiness.



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I trust my ship

To take me cross the torrid sea

Where love awaits ashore

Funny thing about love: Seems like everyone tries to find the ‘great’ love or at least somebody, who loves them. I am not saying this is wrong. It’s a great blessing to have someone to love, who returns that love as well. It can also be quite catastrophic when things go wrong. (At least that is how people feel about it.)

However, it seems to me that life is designed not necessarily to find a great love, though that can be part of it, but rather to become love. To want to love, not only want to be loved.

As a Christian I would say, not only to find Jesus, but to become like Jesus.

And who knows, by trying to be love, maybe love will find you.


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Lights up in the sky

Awesomely painting the night

We become silent

We could look at all the problems and despair. Or we could look beyond the problems and realize how awesomely this world is fashioned. Awesomely and barely understood. Like the Aurora borealis and the Aurora australensis.

And seeing these amazing lights, there is a chance that our problems and the problems of the world look a little smaller then. Small enough to maybe find solutions.

Step back a while and simply observe the beauty and power we see in nature. Or look to yourself, the beauty and power with which you are made.

Focus on the light, the beauty, the solutions and it will empower you.


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