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Is it a haiku? Maybe it is, if I call it so. Maybe you don’t think so. That’s okay, we are all on a discovery of life, what we find might be different, our conclusions might be different. That’s all right.

In this haiku(?) -call it three-liner if you like- it came to me first as ‘city of dreams’. I then wanted to change it to castle of dreams, as it seemed more reasonable and it would be easier to explain. When disappointments come (and I believe everybody has them) sensitive and impressionable hearts tend to withdraw themselves and may seek refuge in a dream world. Some even build castles like that German prince. Some withdraw temporarily to let their wounds heal. Others shut themselves off from the world, not to be disappointed again. A dream castle can be a refuge or it can become a prison.

So far so good; but, no, it was to be ‘city of dreams’. A whole new world, a new ambiance. What does it mean? Does it mean to withdraw into a fantasy world, where we make up what we miss with our imagination? Or maybe we envision a new world, a better world; the world of the future, perhaps, which we then try to bring into reality?

You decide what it means!


When my bridges broke

I sailed past the horizon

City of my dreams


Picture credit:  Yaroslav Shkriblyak

(Sorry, I couldn’t find further info. If you are Yaroslav Shkriblyak, please contact me.)

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