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A Lighted Path



Sparkling sunshine

Gift of life to see the world

Find the lighted path



Much has been said about the ‘lighted path’ or the ‘path of light’ and especially various religions claim a monopoly on it. America’s constitution assumes that we are all on a pursuit of happiness and have a right to do so. Others try to find a kind of righteousness or perfection and call that the way of light.

But light is just light, electromagnetic waves, which we have receptors for and it has always had great significance for our life so we can find the way. That is true for our going about day-by-day, and as we apply it in a figurative way to the path of our life.

What does light do? It makes us see, and when we see we can evaluate things. We like what we see or we don’t. We make choices. We find our way or we get lost somehow.

But even when lost in a dark forest, the light still shines. Search for it.

And even when you are in the dark of night, the light will return. Wait for it.

And if you can find it, walk in the light.


copyright:     princeling

picture credit:      “Forest”  Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net