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These are three sequential Haiku about a storm. Storms in literary works and also in songs have always stood for times of turmoil and often cataclysmic changes. They have come and gone throughout history and maybe in your life you have had your fair amount of it. Often interspersed are comparatively peaceful times.

Somehow I can’t believe that we are moving towards more peaceful times. When you look at the daily news, when you look at the world and all the things that are happening I can’t help, but feel that stormy times are ahead.

You can be thankful if you have a refuge, when the house of your life is strongly built and rests on sound foundations. There is no other place to run to. You are the builder of your life, so built it well and when storms come you can find refuge inside your faith, your trust,  and the things you believe in with the ones you love.


Storm clouds give warning

Come with me inside our house

Close the doors to fears




Copyright:   Princeling

Picture credits: “Storm clouds” –

“Fireplace” – found at http://trtuopan.com  Source:  https://aos.iacpublishinglabs.com