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Moon shines on the sea

Wind gently kisses my cheek

I am loving life


Can you love life? Can you be romantic without addressing a specific person? Can you feel loved by life or by an invisible force that some people call the universe or God or whatever else they may say?

My first take on this was “I’m in love with life”. But ‘in love’ indicates a passive state. Something or somebody triggered a deep feeling, which we call ‘in love’, though different people may define it in various ways.

Yet, ‘loving’ is so much more than being in love. It’s something we do, it’s active, and it’s limitless in its possibilities. And if we love life, when we make love the motivation of our decisions and actions, we are opening ourselves to love, we are letting love flow through us, and there will always be more than enough for ourselves and others.



Copyright:   princeling (Haiku)

Picture: Special thanks to Justin Kelafas for allowing me to use his picture. He’s got lots more, see his website justinkelefas.com