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We could be dreaming

Life we live could be a dream

And still we’re dreaming


It’s impossible not to dream. And I’m not talking about the little movies we see when we’re asleep. I’m talking about the imaginations and fantasies we make up when we are-more or less- awake. Dreams, imaginations, and fantasies color our lives, they are part of our reality. Is it because we can always think of a better life, we always desire a better life or at least more of the good things in our lives?

Somebody once wrote that this life is an illusion and when we die, leave this world or dimension, we awake and all will be clear and we will be our true self. Without judging this as true or false I can contemplate this as a possibility. There are many other ideas about life after this one, many constructs, which you can contemplate and believe in if you want.

There’s also one that states that this reality we live in now is the only one and after, there is nothing. It’s not my belief and if it’s so, I would feel rather disappointed, but of course we would never know.

Imagination, fantasies, and dreams make us different, bring creative thought into the world. Sometimes they become reality.  Without them our life would only be a hum-drum struggle for survival like the life of animals- but who knows? Maybe they are dreaming as well.

Build your dreams-believe in them.



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