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Link to the eternal

While we are passing through time

There is only Now

Passage into Now.

– These words seem to contradict each other, but all our life we’re passing, while we stay in the moment. I think most of us never contemplate the nature of time; firstly, it’s too difficult, and secondly, paradoxically, we don’t have time for it.

From experience we know one moment follows the next and to survive we need to prepare for it, we need to plan, we need to anticipate, and so we end up giving a lot of our attention to the future, a future that we can’t live yet, for it hasn’t arrived yet.

Getting older sooner or later you realize the future is diminishing for you and you are left with a choice: to live in the past or to live in the now. The moment you are in becomes all-important, it’s all you have. It’s always been like this, only now you are more aware of it.

Capture the moment…



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