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I smiled at a child

Its happiness reflecting

Back into my heart


There’s a reason why children and especially very young children and babies evoke so much love in so many people. They are almost perfect reflectors of the emotions you pour into them, because they have very little personal history. (They do have received some prenatal influences and some claim they also carry over burdens from ancestry and former lives.)

Be that as it may, compared with us grown-ups they are comparatively pure in their reactions. They trust you and and if you smile they smile with you and reflect your love for them and even can make you feel loved.

However, if they are not loved and cared for their positiveness soon seems to fade and they will become ‘problems’. Even when they are loved life’s problems sooner or later will catch up with them, yet, as far as we are concerned we want to give them our best.

Children may be the greatest responsibility we will ever have; their life and their happiness are in our hands.



copyright:                princeling

picture credit:        “African Child”  Image courtesy of africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net