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I like birds, at least the songbirds and other little creatures like sparrows. There are also other birds, like birds of prey and vultures and flightless birds; I’m not talking about those here.

But I like the little birds that flit about and that we always take for granted, like these sparrows. They remind us that our soul can fly and our thoughts can soar as high as the sky or maybe much, much further. And yet they seem so insignificant, just like us.

Jesus talked about birds and compared them to human lives, so I’m not alone in talking about birds, and sometimes talking with them.


Talking with the birds

Chattering all the day long

’bout our little lives



Copyright: princeling

Picture credit: Cecilia Futch   https://perpetualgratitude.wordpress.com/

Used under Creative Commons – Attribution https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license