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This is actually a misleading title. Because plants and animals are nature. It’s all we have, everything else are extras we could do without. Then again, this is about nature after all-the nature of people, or the attitude of some people.


When I was young I had some cacti. Cacti have these sharp spines to protect their soft inside from being eaten. It’s pretty effective in most cases. They also often live in very dry places. I was a bit like a cactus as well-not very sociable, but quite soft underneath.


Then there are mimosas. They are quite regular plants, they even have pretty little flowers, but the moment you touch them they close up. Nothing to get here, move on, goodbye, that’s it. Hmm.

Venus fly trap

More seriously I have to warn you about the Venus fly traps. They lay themselves wide open, even display a certain kind of sticky sweetness. Hi, so good to see you, I’m ready for you. But once you get on their trail they close in on you and suck you dry, take all you’ve got. And then they spit you out.

Okay, okay, people aren’t flies, but in one clip I saw one of these plants devour a frog! Avoid the flytraps, being sweet doesn’t necessarily show someone’s true character.


Let’s move on to the animal kingdom. One dangerous species is the octopus and its bigger relative the kraken. They grab you wrapping their arms around like it’s the eternal love. But they have suction cups on their tentacles and you will have a hard time to get away if you ever want to. Or you become unable to breathe. And since they have eight arms they might hold a few others with some of those arms as well.

Of course, people aren’t plants or animals, although I’m sure you can find some more parallels with other earthly life forms. Some humans are way above earthly life forms, though. My sweetheart, for example, is an absolute angel.

And me? I guess I’m a sunflower. All day I turn my face to the sun like a sunflower. Sunflowers actually look like a picture of the sun and they produce very useful seeds. They look like they are happy as well. (I feel like a Haiku coming:)

Sunflower fireld


Face the light all day

You can brighten up the world

Light is even more

Beautiful in its reflection

Well, it’s not a haiku, it has an extra line. I call it Haiku plus. The Haiku Purity Committee Watch will probably ostracize me and ban me from their club.

sunflower with sunglasses

So what!? I’ll just keep facing the sun and still be happy.







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