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Bright stars of the night

Navigators through the dark

Like Angels’ voices

Do you believe in angels? Or do you believe in guiding spirits? Or guided thoughts?

I do believe if we look for guidance we’ll find it. How does this come to us? The right thoughts at the right time, the right ideas and inspiration. How shall I call it? After all, words are only the way we try to capture reality. What we feel, what we think, what we experience.

Maybe our own heart can guide us, if we are sincere and honest and want to do what’s best. And how does our heart know?

As you see, we give it a word and think we know something, when all we do is clothe reality with a pretty little dress. The reality is awesome though and we know very little.  It can be breath-taking, it can get scary.

We better look for guidance whatever we may call it.

And be thankful for the stars.


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picture source:                    http://allswalls.com/348310-night-sky-3.html