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couple feet


Lost in a moment

Carried away by feelings

Found in the flow of life


One could argue that feelings are what make us human. Computers imitate and surpass human thoughts. But people haven’t made any robot that we would trust to have true feelings. Feelings can bring us happiness, but some feelings can also make us sad, insecure, or even hateful. Some people suppress their feelings, others follow every fleeting emotion blindly, only to find themselves in hot water

It is said that feelings can be like a compass. We should trust our intuition and discern our feelings, just as we should discern thoughts. Not every thought is true, not every feeling is true. But those feelings that are not just aroused by temporary fleeting excitement, those feelings, which resonate deeply in us and are true to our heart, can lead us to be more of what we are and bring us closer to others and in harmony with life, with the universe, and with God.

Maybe it’s time to trust your feelings.


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Image courtesy of tawatchai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net