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I trust my ship

To take me cross the torrid sea

Where love awaits ashore

Funny thing about love: Seems like everyone tries to find the ‘great’ love or at least somebody, who loves them. I am not saying this is wrong. It’s a great blessing to have someone to love, who returns that love as well. It can also be quite catastrophic when things go wrong. (At least that is how people feel about it.)

However, it seems to me that life is designed not necessarily to find a great love, though that can be part of it, but rather to become love. To want to love, not only want to be loved.

As a Christian I would say, not only to find Jesus, but to become like Jesus.

And who knows, by trying to be love, maybe love will find you.


copyright:        princeling

Picture credit:  Endeavour replica  Photo by John Hill   Public Domain  Source: Wikipedia