Welcome to my Website  my_world_in_a_bottle_by_aknotk-d6lauva

Including my blog.

 I decided to make this site as
my window to the world to share some of my views and observations in the hope somebody might be interested to read them and share some of their insights and ideas in return.

I also wanted to showcase and make accessible my novels, stories, and some poetry I have written over the years and continue to write.

We live and learn, hopefully speaking, and I don’t presume that I have all the answers. (Yet.) In fact, life remains a mystery to me, and, though I count myself to be a believer, God remains a mystery to me as well. If I would define myself outside of what I do (teacher, writer, translator etc.) I would call myself a life explorer and that includes the possibility of life and reason beyond this world.


There is, and I believe, there will always be more questions than answers, but to me this makes this experience we call life exciting and of endless wonder: There will always be more to discover and to find, and let’s not forget to enjoy and celebrate.

I would be glad to find in you a companion on this journey.

Welcome to my world.


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