Books I read

I probably should call this rather ‘My Favorite Writers’

There are probably no great surprises here for those who are avid readers. Of course I’ve read a lot more books, but these are the ones which impressed me the most and the writers I admire. It is in no way complete and there are surely good writers I don’t even know about. I also didn’t include any of the classic writers and books for the time being and will probably add more to this list in the future.


C. S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is known for “The Chronicles of Narnia” aimed at children, but still a good read for adolts alike. But C. S. Lewis wrote a lot more, both fiction and non-fiction, apologetics, of which I read all I could get my hands on. (Most you can find on the net, you tube etc.) While I don’t agree with all his views, most I can agree with and what I like is that he doesn’t preach, but reasons and makes you think. Faith and reason are not opposites, but support each other.

Recommended reading: For children: “The Chronicles of Narnia”  For adults: All


Pipe Tolkien

J. R. R. Tolkien

Tolkien is of course famous for his LOTR, especially since it was made into a movie. Even if you have already watched the movie the book is still worth reading. In spite of the movie (three movies) stretching over about eleven hours many things in the books are left out or greatly condensed. Plus there’s so much more you can say in a book you can’t get into a visualization. I also read “The Hobbitt” and other writings, the most awesome I found a short story of how the world was created by music. (Not as strange or impossible as you may think.)

Recommended reading: “The Lord of the Rings”,


images (48)

It was my teenage son actually who first introduced me to Robin Hobb. What I admire about her is that she takes the most outrageous imaginations and make them plausible as if they are indeed real. And in a metaphorical sense they are, like all good stories. She is also one of the best writers I found in developing character. If you can manage to enter her fantasy world this is great writing.

Recommended reading: All, my personal favorite Liveship Traders trilogy



Ken Follett

One of the most recognized writers of our time. I only read one of his thriller novels, which I didn’t think was as good as his historical epics. “The Pillars of the World” and “World without End” stand out and many people have seen the TV mini series based on them. At the moment I’m reading “Edge of Eternity” the last book of the Century trilogy.

Recommended reading:  “The Pillars of the Earth”, “World without End”, Century trilogy, “A Dangerous Fortune”, “A Place called Freedom”



images (49)

Guy Gavriel Kay

Guy Gavriel Kay I consider one of the best contemporary fantasy fiction writers that I know of. His works are usually based in historical events and settings, but he takes the liberty to explore imagination and fantasy and what we would call the paranormal. I like and have read all of his novels, maybe my favorite is the “The Sarantine Mosaic” and his latest novels set in Asia, “Under Heaven”, and “River of Stars”

Rec. Reading: All his novels


Stephen Lawhead

I loved Stephen Lawhead’s Arthur Series and several others of his earlier Historic Fantasy Fiction. I don’t like his latest books that much, where he speculates about time travel and the world unraveling. IMHO, his theories I would call pseudo-scientific and his style is not as exciting as in his older works, though he’s still a good word-smith and narrator.

Rec. reading: “Byzanthium”, his “Arthur” series, a. o.



Anne Rice

No, I haven’t read all the vampire novels and I’m not planning to either. Nevertheless, Anne Rice is an amazing writer and can make anything she writes lively and exciting. Her narration just flows as if a friend is sitting next to you and is telling you her latest adventures. What I have read are some of her later books, “Angle Time” and “Called out of Darkness”.

Recommended reading: “Angel Time”, “Out of Darkness”




George MacDonald

While it’s often said that Tolkien ‘invented’ the world-building fantasy category of writing, George MacDonald preceded Tolkien and both Tolkien and C. S. Lewis were great admirers of MacDonald. I’ve only read a little by this writer, his works are available from Project Gutenberg and other sites for free. Reading MacDonald takes a bit of getting used to as his style is a bit old-fashioned.

Recommended reading: “Phantastes”


As you can see by the list my taste in reading fiction goes towards historical fantasy and historical fiction. That’s purely personal interest and there are many good writer who write in other genres, that’s why I called this ‘Books I read, or ‘Writers I read’. It’s not meant to be a list of all the best writers or even contemporary writers, and if you have some good read/writer please let me (and others) know.

I also read many of the classic writers, but most people know them and their books already or at least have heard of them. I might include some of them at a later date.

If you’re of a younger generation you may miss ‘Harry Potter’, the”Twilight” series, or ” The Hunger Games”. But while I read the “Hunger Games” I consider the writing of it as not so great. Actually, in this case I like the movies better than the novels. (Usually most people most of the time get more out of reading the novels than movies based on the novels.) “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” I started to read, but it didn’t keep my attention, though I consider “Harry Potter” well written.


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