A fictionalized story of street children in Thailand based on true events and personal experience/ research.

After Ning and Noks’ mother dies they end up on the streets. They’re hoping to find a new home, but can they resist falling into drugs, vice, crime, and worse?

Available as e-book and in print

More details



Spaceship flying over a futuristic city

 A novella envisioning the merging of humans and technology. Biotopia raises the question if technology will really bring us a better world. And what does it actually mean to be human?

Read “Biotopia” (Excerpts) on-line on Google books click here

Listed on Amazon, Noble, a. o. and available from as ebook

Also available in print via the author. (A few copies only)





This book has been available on-line for a limited audience only.

The story is about a young man finding a new faith in the late Roman Empire and having to make difficult decisions.

I am working on making it generally available, but for moment if you are interested contact me directly

More…coming soon







My latest novel. Partly inspired by “The Hunger Games”, but with a more realistic, near future setting and a different conclusion.

I haven’t submitted it to a publisher yet. I will-soon-put a blurb and few sample chapters on this website.










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