Ascend (Birds’ Call to Migration)

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“Ascend”  or “Birds’ call to Migrate” is a series of poems I originally wrote in my early twenties.  Since then I have edited it numerous times, but never changed it in its essence.

It’s a metaphorical story of a man (or woman), who sees birds flying overhead and answers the call to follow them, to leave the old life behind and make a new beginning. It’s a metaphor for any new start leaving the old behind, but also a metaphor of dying, leaving this world, with hope of finding a new morning. [Just to clarify for desperate souls, it is not an invitation to suicide.]

In ‘Longing’ he sees  a flock of migrating birds and feels a desire to change, to depart as well, become like the birds.

In ‘Love Lost’ he reminisces about some disappointment in his life, the transience of human love.

After, with ‘Silent Cry’ his heart connects with the universal stream of loneliness and hidden wishes, a universal longing for hope, for love, and to be free.

‘Birds’ Call’ renews the call to join them and leave the frustrations of life on Earth. The birds calling him to come.

‘Freedom Sky’ is a chant, a sing-song like a bird’s, a playful repetition of words resembling a song. A sound poem more than one with deep meaning, repeating the theme like a musical tune playing the same notes over and over again in variaous ways.

‘Hesitation’ is a dialogue between the birds and the man, as well as an inner dialogue. He is torn between his wish to go and his wish to stay a bit longer.

‘Birdsong’— his desire for the new becomes overwhelming and he begins to answer the song, the call of the birds to go, to leave the old and find the new.

‘Child of the Morning‘–now he is free, he flies away, leaving the old behind and becoming a ‘child of the morning’.


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