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As I watched the birds flying over me
Floating serene
It seemed weightlessly
Something awakened inside me
And I wished in my heart
That I could depart
Float into the sky
As a bird does fly
And be like a bird of the morning

It was like a dream
Or so it may seem
To leave the strife and woe
The pain we all know
Leave all behind
A new land to find
Where tears turn to strings of laughter

To cease from the struggle
To cease from the grind
To fly high above it
And leave behind
Things that now seem to matter
Though they aren’t better
Than the smoke of burning
Fading with time

It was quite surreal
The things I’d feel
Like dancing in moonlight
And floating at high tide
And dreaming of flying in the twilight

To rise in spiral ascension
And enter another dimension
Where only the past lies behind
While you fly on the wing
With the birds to sing
Into the dawn of a new morning


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