Love Lost

Love Lost

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As I lie
In the dark
With your breath next to mine

I can’t see your face
Nor reach you
In the canyons of your mind
That I trace

And I wonder
Was it real
What did you feel
Or did it feel just as always?

For I was trying to get
What needs to be fed
And I wanted again that feeling

But what we’re trying to gain
So often in vain
Runs like sand through our fingers

Like the crying of a child
When it wonders
Where did go
All the colors it did know
In the day
Now it’s darkness and shadows of night

Though the feeling’s gone
We still carry on
And keep our faces hidden

The flames have died
As we hide in the dark
Yet we keep the pages turning

And as I touch your skin
It is cold as wax
When the candle has ceased burning

One day
You wake from your sleep
And as you reach out
There’s no one there by your side
For the Lover you loved
When you turned around
Has left you alone in the night



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