Silent Cry

Silent Cry


When your questions untold
Have been answered
And the secret of time
Has stored up your dreams

There’s still a call
Deep in your heart
Going out to the walls
And through the walls


To form a song
A choir of voices
No human ear will ever hear

And the voices of tears
Which have never been shed
And of tears that
Still remain hidden
Found a song in secret
For listeners who heard
In the wooing of the wind the weeping

And it made a song
That passed through the crowd
Of many desirous lovers
Waiting behind their fashioned veils
Their nakedness to offer

And it passed through the nameless street
That winds through this world
Without an end
And became a thunderous roar
From land to sea
And sea to land
Until it finally grew
To dwell amid the glittering stars
And circled sun and moon
To still continue on
And stretch into the universe
But quietly soon returning
To fill the early morning air
To comfort those in yearning

Although its words
Were rather few
And little did they do
For thoughtless ears
For others though
It gave them all they knew

Hold on, hold on,
Though you despair
Hold on, hold on
Through days not fair
Hold on, hold on,
Lingering regret
Hold on, hold on
Til all is said
Hold on. Hold on

Hold on


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