Dance of Fairies

This poem I wrote actually quite some time ago, at the time I made my first website on Angelfire, which you can still access here.

It’s a fantasy about fairies showing their joy in a dance.


Dance of Fairies


In the misty twilight

In the dewy eve

On a meadow where fawns once played

I chanced upon them

I glanced upon them

Wispy sprites…

Glowing lanterns without strings

Dancing, prancing through the dale

Unaware of peeking glances

Playfully they skipped about

In their joy were taking chances


Circling round, spiraling upwards

Downwards, looping round each other

Weaving in and out until I

Couldn’t understand their numbers

Nor the pattern they were weaving

Of thin threads of lights a-glowing

In designs beyond my knowing

Intricacies they were showing

‘fore my eyes, cajoled so wizzy

Left me with my head so dizzy

When I felt like I’m a-fainting

Floated to the ground serenely

Left me gasping for a-breathing

Were they laughing, were they teasing?

Yet the scene to me was pleasing

As they hovered on the meadow

Some on flowers, some on grass

Dainty bodies, hardly clad

Though no one would take offences

When they play and twirl in dances

Whirling over rocks and fences

For in beauty to be traced

Innocence is interlaced


So I was entertained at length

While they rested from their dance

Yet I knew like life’s splendor

Stays for a time while we render

Usefulness to our days

Then it leaves us on our ways

While the nectar we will gather

As a bee honey from heather

Like a hat collects a feather


And before I could contain

All what was ‘fore my eyes lain

Off they went – Oh, what a hurry! –

Fluttering ‘way in such a flurry

In loops and circles, all around

Spir’ling in, out, without sound

Though some here may disagree

And simply call it fantasy


Wispy lights upon a meadow

Whilst I stood there in the shadow

I chanced upon them, I glanced upon them

In the misty twilight, in the dewy eve

On a meadow where fawns once played.


copyright: colin cedar bell

Picture credits:    Free pictures

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