Existence – a poem


Night sky wide, river of stars
in moments of time
we see eternity
where we, a dot,
meet the infinite line which
has no beginning or end



Night sky wide
opening my eyes
to traverse space
to traverse time
free we are
but so eager
to shackle ourselves in bondsstars

Though we fly away like the stars
we anchor ourselves to triviality
for fear of the unknown
measuring ourselves
against each other
by our accomplishments

the runes we leave in the sand of time



which the wind will blow across
or the ocean tides will take away
flotsam of the sea or shells
left behind on the shore
beautiful, but lifeless



No use trying to become immortaluniverse-grows1
you’ve already touched eternity
the day you were born
no need to deny yourself
to become a saint
for within you always

the life is holy



The Grail is your own
to gather for yourself
seeds of eternity
from the grains of time
falling through the hourglass
that is your life





. In German (Deutsch)


Picture – Grail:     Li van Saathoff   Website


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