Silence of my Heart

Silence of my Heart


There was a total silence

in the darkness of my heart

Nothing I saw

Nothing I heard

Nothing I felt


Around me was nothing

Inside of me

endless emptiness

images (2)And it was like ‘I’

was only a thin membrane

between the nothingness outside

and the emptiness inside

so fragile that it seemed to me



I could evaporate in a moment

like smoke

and I would be as one

Never born

Never existed

Never had been and never will be


And as I hung there

on a shred of time

for eons

I became aware that

I was not alone

images (1)

There was something or someone

Nothing to be seen

Nothing to be heard

Nothing to feel

Not a person


but something

Call it God

Call it the life force

Call it the universal consciousness

Call it what you want

I will call it “The Presence”

And the presence was within me and

it was outside of me

maxresdefaultAnd then it began to flow through me

from the outside to inside and from inside to the outside

and I was within that Presence

and I knew that I could never be without it

nor had I ever been without it

nor could it ever let me go

images (14)

Like a mother with a baby in her womb

it fed me from the inside

and surrounded me on the outside

It had always been there

but I had not been aware

for I had been

Seeking to see with my eye

Seeking to hear with my ear

Seeking to feel…


I only found it in the darkness

in the silence of my heart






It was in the light  leaks-thumb600

and it was in the darkness

and in it was no darkness

And the light I had known before

was only reflection and illusion

and illustration at best

of all what life should be and all life is


As the air in our lungs makes us rise in water

So the awareness of the Presence

made me rise

Slowly, majestically, unhurried

from the darkest deep of my soul

to the glorious light of the sun

28da9993-9cbe-4243-b483-81748dd1ba3dThrough all the shades of light

and all the hues of transformation

and all the impressions of colors

Melting them all

Merging them all

Surpassing them all


images (5)


Into the light

the pure light

of only light



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