Free-Thinker-copy-600x393While I have adopted English as my day-to-day language and write in English, the first language I learned was Deutsch – German. Yes, I am German, but since I write in English I took the pen name C. C. Bell.

Until now I haven’t given up my day job, teaching English and German, sometimes part time, sometimes more than that. I also do translations from German to English and English to German, due to the fact that for the first thirty years my every day language was German and for the last thirty or so it has been English. (I still use both.) My particular field of translating is literary or rather literature translations, also poetry, which some people regard as impossible.

I have put up some translations on this site in case you are interested so you can judge for yourself.


Sample Chapter from ‘Game of Thrones’ by George R.R. Martin–‘Bran’.

(I like you to read the translations without telling which is the ‘offical’ translation and which was done by me.)

bran__s_dream_by_sharksden-d42xuo9English Original

Translation into German A

Translation into German B


images (3)


“Silence of my Heart” (Poem) – English and German (Deutsch)


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